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Durlco's Super ULSTAR brand direct therrnal film for yid. printers is us. for printing high-resolution ultrasound scan irnages. Medical Doctors around the world depend on Super ULSTAR's high-resolution Image capability to ma. accurate and highly sensitive medical diagnoses.

ULSTAR brand thermal media is UV-cured and has a high-gloss surface, perfect resistance to water, and extra-high optical density. 


  • Prints Black&White Video Images on Medical Ultrasound Diagnostic Systems

  • Precision Printing Suitable for Thermal Sensitive Printing Method

  • Perfectly Fits Sony and Mitsubishi Video Pdnters

  • EC Declaration of Conformity • Certified to ISO 9001 15

  • Certified to ISO 14001 SI • Certified to ISO 13485 MI

  • FDA Registered 

Technical Data Sheet 

  • 1100HG

  • 1100HD

  • 1100S


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