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A slimming and inches reducing belt that melts and vibrates away the fat on all parts of the body. Tone up and sculpt your figure by using 10 minutes daily

  • This slimming belt uses not just vibrations, but also gentle heat to melt away the fat. The heating function is the main aid that increases the sweat produced by your body – contracting muscles as they would when you do ab workouts like crunches. Regular use trims and tones your silhouette.
  • With five speeds to choose from, this belt adjusts to your level of comfort. The speeds can be adjusted any time by using the two buttons on the body of the machine. Easy-to-use, this belt has an automated session time, so you get the maximum benefit with each use.
  • It can be used as per your body’s needs – you can massage and slim down your arms, shoulders, back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and calves freely.
  • We also recommend drinking a glass or two of water after use since your body will have worked up a sweat, and would need water for maximum blood circulation benefits.
  • The Slimming Belt comes with an additional belt for larger parts of the body like the stomach and a car adapter for using in the car. The Velcro makes for a snug fit around the body.
  • A snug fit ensures that each part of your muscle and fat gets vibrations and heat that. Loosening fat helps in slowly reducing inches, toning and tightening your body. Say bye, bye to flab


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